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Dossier and description of the group Argento.
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press Argento

press Argento

Tango was born at the end of the XIX century, together with the formation of living conglomerates around the youthful city of Buenos Aires. Those who lived there, “paisanos” coming from the provinces, European immigrants and some not very well-off “portenios”, became the new social class of the time. Probably due to a search of an identity as a group and a need for making their new place their home, some forms of cultural manifestations sprang from this social mixture. This was the beginning of tango, which was characterized by its closed codes, only grasped by the working classes. (Historia del Tango, Mario E. Ferrer, Irene N. Raizboim)

Nowadays, the conglomerate is no longer an isolated city, but a global city from which everything is a part. No more frontiers: the fusion with cultural elements is a fact. Tango evolved. Astor Piazolla begins a revolution that takes tango to a new level. This evolution goes on, not only in content but also in form and movement. New sounds and visual textures bring about new perceptions; information saturates the media and redundancy in communication is unanimously established. The abstract is the new home, the place where one belongs.

The Object
ARGENTO TANGO FUSION performance concept is based on the evolution of a cultural movement that was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the influence of the massive European Immigrations at the end of the XIX century and the currently manifestation in our global World. All this, narrated with an interdisciplinary multimedia performance with the use of audiovisual means, trapeze, cloth, dance, light design and onstage live musicians.
The audience stops being a mere receptor and becomes part of the media communion where Performance is an entity in itself.

The Proposal
ARGENTO TANGO FUSION is a project which involves music, video art, circus and dance. Gestual theatre techniques, aerial choreographies and “milonga” alternate at the 4 x 4 beat, in a mixture of languages: visual narrative, flying music, tango between strings. A story of a return Trip of people and cultures.

“Primero hay que saber sufrir, después amar, después partir y al fin andar sin pensamiento…”

ARGENTO TANGO FUSION scenic proposal is to create a new language made up of all the disciplines, relishing in the gathering of the different, of the other one.

The Music
There are electronic and acoustic versions of “the maestro" Astor Piazolla, Argento and other contemporary composers.

The Stage
In a double stage, there is a dance and a fusion of nostalgia, passion and tango roots. Video art. Bodies intertwined in the trapeze and the cloth furiously, tenderly, Tango danced to both traditional and contemporary tunes.
This fusion results in a singular performance framed by a careful selection of electronic and acoustic versions of the “maestro” Astor Piazzolla.

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